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Graham Curry

CV 09.3


Exec Producer/Assoc Producer/Funding Producer




FEATURE                           ‘The Sweet Blood of Jesus’ (2014) 40 Acres & A Mule

FEATURE                              ‘Wish I Was Here’ (2014)          Double Feature Films

FEATURE                              ‘The Fitzroy’ (2014)                          Dresden Pictures

FEATURE                              ‘The Lost’ (2014)                           Thames Gate Films 

DOCUMENTARY                 ‘What a Freegan Waste!’         Howling Woolf Films

SHORT                                  ‘Last Estate on the Right’          Howling Woolf Films SHORT                                  ‘Lost Soul’                                    Howling Woolf Films

SHORT                                  ‘Close To Phobia’                      Howling Woolf Films



Producer/Post Producer




ADIDAS                             ‘Me, Myself Jessica Ennis’           Love Production Co

ADIDAS                            ‘Me, Myself Victoria Pendleton’ Love Production Co

ARCELORMITTAL               ‘AM/Valin Signing Ceremony’  Connected Pictures

FRASERS                              'S1 Sport Product Launch'        Connected Pictures

SAPPI                                  'Strategic Review 2008''             Connected Pictures



Production Manager/Production Coordinator




EMIRATES                             'Emirates Australia'                     Hogarth Worldwide

THE SUN/NEWS INT'L           'AweSummer £9.50 Holidays'   Hogarth Worldwide

MATTEL                                 'Day Out With Thomas''           Hogarth Worldwide

NECTAR ESHOPS                 'Gift Horse'                                  Hogarth Worldwide

THE SUN/NEWS INT'L           'Goals Idents'                             Hogarth Worldwide

OLYMPICS 2012                  ‘Moment to Shine'                   New Moon Television

THOMAS COOK             ‘Tacticals 2009’                      Jon Staton Productions

THOMAS COOK                 ‘Shared Belief’                      Jon Staton Productions

CRUISE THOMAS COOK    ‘More Screens’                     Jon Staton Productions

THOMAS COOK                  '4 x 5" Idents'                         Jon Staton Productions

DIRECT HOLIDAYS             ‘Holiday Movie’                    Jon Staton Productions

505 GAMES                        ‘Fashion Designer HF’                Maverick Media Ltd

TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE          'Wii: It's My Birthday'                  Maverick Media Ltd




ALSTOM ENERGY              ‘Internal Comms Films x8’     Straightforward Comms

BARCLAYS                         ‘Bank of the Future’                                  BDA London

CENTRICA ENERGY           'Biomass'                                                     BDA London

BRITISH GAS                       'Extraordinary You'                                    BDA London

DSGI (TOKYO DIGITAL)    ‘Flat Panel Installation’               Connected Pictures

DSGI (CURRYS)                 ‘Delivery & Connection’             Connected Pictures

ZAIN                                   ‘Global Brand Launch’             Connected Pictures

ARCELORMITTAL               'Brand Champions 2’                 Connected Pictures

HMV                                   ‘Get Started DVD’                      Connected Pictures

DSGI (PC WORLD)            ‘PPI Awareness’                           Connected Pictures

ROYAL BANK OF SCOT.   ‘Make It Happen’                      Connected Pictures

REED ELSEVIER                  ‘CEO Q&A’                                  Connected Pictures

DSGI (CURRYS)                 ‘The Dryer Reloaded’                 Connected Pictures

FUTUREBRAND                   ‘Visit London Pitch’                    Connected Pictures




SELFRIDGES/DAZED          'Board Games Fashion Film'        Hogarth Worldwide

MICROSOFT WIN8            'Northern Value Prop Films'          Hogarth Worldwide UBISOFT                             'ManiaPlanet: Greater Good'  Maverick Media Ltd

CHEVROLET WTCC 2011 ‘WTCC Champions 2011’           Hogarth Worldwide

SONY (SCEE)                     'Playstation EyePet'                   Maverick Media Ltd

SEGA                                 ‘Bayonetta: Dev Diaries’           Maverick Media Ltd

CAPCOM                          ‘MH Phenomenon’                    Maverick Media Ltd

REED ELSEVIER                  ‘Web TV’                                     Connected Pictures

COLT                                  ‘Web TV’                                     Connected Pictures

E-LEARNING FOUND.       ‘GOSH Charity Film’                   Connected Pictures



1st Assistant Director/2nd Assistant Director




SHORT                              ‘Waiting for Dawn’ (2014)            Brother Brother Films

FEATURE                       ‘The Lost’ (2012)                   Thames Gate Films




THOMAS COOK                 ‘Shared Belief’                      Jon Staton Productions


Production Assistant/Runner




FEATURE                            ‘Booked Out’ (2012)                         BON Productions

FEATURE                            ‘Reuniting the Rubens’ (2011)              Balagan Film

SHORT                               ‘Firewood’                                      NFTS/Polar Fox Films

BROADCAST PROMO        'Misfits Series 4'                         Channel4 / 4Creative

BROADCAST PROMO        'Made in Chelsea Series 4'    Channel4 / 4Creative

BROADCAST PROMO        'My mad Fat Diary'                 Channel4 / 4Creative

BROADCAST PROMO       'Very Important People'         Channel4 / 4Creative

BROADCAST PROMO        'Black Mirror'                             Channel4 / 4Creative

BROADCAST                     ‘Superstar DJ’                                            BBC/Play UK




ORAL-B                              'Science Behind the Beauty'  Channel4 / 4Creative

SCALEXTRICS                    'Lewis Hamilton'                                    Academy Films

DAKTARIN                         ‘Grass’/‘Lengths’                         Connected Pictures

COMCAST (L.A.)              ‘Future’/’Loading Bar’                    Moxie Pictures L.A.

PROGRESSIVE (L.A.)         ‘Accurate'/'Click'                            Moxie Pictures L.A.

PROGRESSIVE (L.A.)          'Fast'/'Talk’                                       Moxie Pictures L.A.




MICROSOFT                       'Identity'                                        Connected Pictures

LEVIS                                  ‘Introductory VT’                         Connected Pictures

ARCELORMITTAL               ‘Web TV Series 1’                         Connected Pictures



Other Roles




MIKE HOUGH MUSIC  ‘Get Gone Live @ Maida Vale’              Director/Editor

DANIEL BEDINGFIELD ‘Rocks Off Behind the Scenes’                           Director

CHANNEL 4                ‘Everybody Loves Lil Chris Special’       2nd Unit Camera

CHANNEL 4                ‘Everybody Loves Lil Chris Series’  Production Accounts

FILM FOUR                  ‘Hell Bent For Leather’             Post-Production Assistant

HW FILMS                    ‘What a Freegan Waste!’                           Editor/Sound

HW FILMS                    ‘Lost Soul’                                        Writer/Director/Editor

HW FILMS                    ‘Close To Phobia’                          Writer/Director/Editor




SAPPI                            ‘Strategic Review 2008’                                           Editor

FRASERS                       ‘S1 Sport Product Launch’                                      Editor

MICROSOFT                 ‘Developing the Future’  Director/Cameraman/Editor

CHOICE FM                 ‘Market Research’                                       Cameraman

SWIFT                            ‘Swift Proposal’                                             Cameraman

RSA                               'Opening Minds'                            2nd Unit Cameraman

LCADT                          ‘Exploring Ole Time Carnival'       2nd Unit Cameraman

CHOICE FM                 ‘Harry Potter Spoof’                                     Props Master

E-LEARNING FOUND.  ‘Digital Divide’                         Art Department Assistant

ARCELORMITTAL         ‘Transforming Tomorrow’       Post-Production Assistant



In-House Employment:


Straightforward Communications, BDA London, Channel 4 TV, Hogarth Worldwide, New Moon Television, Maverick Media, Coy! Communications, Love Commercial Production Company, Jon Staton Productions Ltd, Connected Pictures Ltd, Stream Digital Media, St. Anne’s Post, Moxie Pictures (Los Angeles), ForsbergHowell (New York).


Other Skills:


  • Advanced computer literacy, PC and Mac user with own MacBook Pro laptop plus Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Internet Explorer and basic HTML.


  • Intermediate Final Cut Pro 7 editing software knowledge, including DVD Studio Pro, LiveType, and Soundtrack, plus own mobile edit suite with FCP Studio 3, Adobe Pro Software, QT Pro and FTP Clients.


  • DVD ripping, authoring and video format conversion. FTP & Clearcast uploading and website maintenance.


  • Full UK driving licence and own vehicle (5-seater VW Golf)


  • Financial experience with SAGE line 50 systems.



BA (Hons) Media Production with Video Production. University of Luton

1st Class Hons

Awards:  ‘What a Freegan Waste!’ (2006)


‘Best in Show’ - University of Luton MAD Graduation Show 2006.


Festivals: ‘What a Freegan Waste!’ (2006)


Guernsey Lily Festival 2007; Filmstock International Film Festival 2007;

Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Cibo 2008.







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1st Jan 14 »

Howling Woolf Films first Feature, "The Forgotten Children"

begins redevelopment for

 their 2015 slate.


31st January 12 »

On its website's 3rd anniversary, Howling Woolf Films goes into development on its first Feature -

"The Forgotten Children"


28th January 12 »

A sad day when long-time HWF supporter and collaborator 'Big Jon' Hudson passes away after a short battle with Cancer :(


23rd January 12 »

Exciting news as HWF's Graham Curry establishes new company Wild Track Pictures dealing with music promos and BHS music documentaries. Check out


ARCHIVED - 27th September 10 »

An epic day and realisation of a dream as HWF's Graham Curry works with hero Steven Spielberg on a film adaptation of 'War Horse' due out Christmas 2011. Dare to dream!


ARCHIVED - 31st January 09 »

A momentous day for HWF as the Company's first ever website goes LIVE after 10 years of dreaming.


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