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"Funhouse" (2017)

Feature - Thriller

Status: Optioning


Tradegy strikes at the local fairground, leading a resident to question foul play and uncover a sinister revenge plot.



"Dead Popular" (2017)

Short - Thriller/Black Comedy

Status: Development


A dark look into the concept of popularity in a British boarding school.

Does for 'Macbeth' what '10 Things' did for 'Taming of the Shrew'.



"The Final Five" (2016)

Feature - Horror

Status: Development


On the streets of modern-day London, the final five Vampires from

the Victorian era finally battle it out for the right to their turf.



"The Forgotten Children" (2015)

Feature - Horror

Status: Casting and Financing (July 2013)


50 years after the tragic collapse of a school playground into a Welsh mine, a gang of student cavers stumble across the terrible truth down in the caves.



"Untitled Route 66 Series" (2015)

Series - Documentary

Status: Post-Production (Feb 2014)


HWF goes on the ultimate Road-Trip across America, from Chicago to Santa Monica in an amazing 12 days...documenting the experience and tips for fellow Route 66 travellers.

In loving memory of presenter 'Big Jon' Hudson (1975-2012).












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1st Jan 14

Howling Woolf Films first Feature, "The Forgotten Children"

begins redevelopment for

 their 2015 slate.


31st January 12

On its website's 3rd anniversary, Howling Woolf Films goes into development on its first Feature -

"The Forgotten Children"


28th January 12

A sad day when long-time HWF supporter and collaborator 'Big Jon' Hudson passes away after a short battle with Cancer :(


23rd January 12

Exciting news as HWF's Graham Curry establishes new company Wild Track Pictures dealing with music promos and BHS music documentaries. Check out


ARCHIVED - 27th September 10

An epic day and realisation of a dream as HWF's Graham Curry works with hero Steven Spielberg on a film adaptation of 'War Horse' due out Christmas 2011. Dare to dream!


ARCHIVED - 31st January 09

A momentous day for HWF as the Company's first ever website goes LIVE after 10 years of dreaming.


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